What we do

The activities of Blind Wisdom further the organization’s exempt purposes by providing the community of people who are blind or visually impaired with directed research efforts on their behalf designed to fill in gaps in existing research efforts. The community of people who are blind will be involved in this process via the development and provision of:

  • Open channels of communication with researchers.
  • Systems, such as a wikipedia, that organize information useful to the community of people who are blind.

Full Description of Blind Wisdom Activities

1. Funding of research activities for people who are blind

  • Blind Wisdom reviews current blindness research to identify gaps in theory, practice, and development.
  • Identified gaps are prioritized and the top priorities developed as research projects.
  • For each research project, Blind Wisdom identifies researchers and facilities most likely to be successful in conducting that particular research.
  • Blind Wisdom maintains full control over each research project, writing contracts with researchers and facilities specifying how the work is to be accomplished, and listing specific deliverables.
  • The results of each funded project are then disseminated by Blind Wisdom to the consumer community. The new knowledge is also used to leverage other ongoing funded efforts and inform sponsors, service providers, and the Blind Wisdom research community.

2. Educational activities employing the “Wisdom of the Blind Community.”

  • A Wikipedia of Blindness and Visual Impairment is being development  for use as a resource by people who are blind, and for researchers wishing to address issues most relevant to people who are blind. This activity is a special research project  funded by Blind Wisdom, which is currently identifying the key persons from within the research, engineering, and science communities, most capable of successfully developing and organizing this “wikipedia”. Blind Wisdom plans to contract for the time of these persons, as funds permit.
  • Blind Wisdom also funds the facilitation of open communication between researchers and many members of the blind and visually impaired community. These communications with community take many forms, including national conferences and meetings, local community forums, nationwide bridge-call conferences, and online media. Topics include the presentation and discussion of proposed research and development projects as well as research results and concerns.
  • We also fund the dissemination of Blind Wisdom-funded research results within the research and blindness communities via conference presentations, online presentations, and forums for the establishment of collaborative research efforts, in addition to other suitable media.

3. All Blind Wisdom activities are funded through the raising of funds.

To raise these funds, the Directors of Blind Wisdom make presentations to Foundations, Corporations, and private individuals. These presentations include the material developed for this web site describing the purpose and importance of Blind Wisdom research efforts, along with a means of contributing funds via the web site. Blind Wisdom volunteers may also participate in the raising of funds. Raised funds are only spent for the materials and supplies needed in the furtherance of the above specified activities, which is predominantly the funding of deserving research efforts.