Garry W.Kelly

Gary W. Kelly, Executive Director

I’m Gary W. Kelly, the Executive Director of Blind Wisdom, and with me is Machiko, my guide dog. Blind Wisdom is a Non-Profit established to promote research leading to technologies and strategies that will help level the playing field for people who are blind. Our philosophy is based on the “Wisdom of the Crowd” concept – the idea that among the millions of people who are blind there is a considerable amount of wisdom that has yet to be tapped. We promote the development of technology, such as a wiki, that will enable people within the blind community to tap into and use this wisdom effectively in their daily lives.


David A.Ross

David A. Ross, Associate Director

David Ross is a Senior Rehabilitation Research Engineer at the Atlanta VA Rehab R&D Center of Excellence in Vision Loss, in Decatur, Georgia. His major area of research for the past 24 years has been in the design, development, and evaluation of devices for peopleexperiencing blindness or low vision. Over the past 9 years his focus has been on technology to support the indoor and outdoor navigation needs of this population. His Current Projects include: An Emergency Egress system, a 3D Virtual Sound system for teaching people how to learn about their environment through sound, the use of Machine Vision in orientation and navigation, and the implementation of RFID technology as an indoor GPS-like navigation system. He is also developing an Environmental Simulation Lab that can be used toreplicate a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. This lab will provide a means of testing the efficacy of various technologies under realistic conditions.