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Values Oriented Design

Final Draft – August 26, 2007

Values Oriented Design, VOD: The Future of Human Factors Engineering
By: Gary Wynn Kelly


In many professions, the profession itself is defined by “what the
professionals do”. Engineering for example, is what engineers do. The
activities of people define the discipline, and that discipline then
defines what people do who choose to participate in that discipline
at a later time.

The historic evolution of Human Factors Engineering, HFE, largely took
on the status of a profession after World War II, with the development
of aircraft and military systems that required more attention to the
man-machine interface than the technology did prior to that time. It is
safe to say that during the last 60 years, that more than 80% of all
the dollars spent on HFE has been for military systems. Largely, HFE
has not yet touched the majority of human activities. continue reading »

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Mars Colony

A Visit To the Mars Colony

By: Gary Wynn Kelly, and Penny Zibula


At the end of 2005, I was asked to participate in writing a proposal in
support of a Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center, RERC. I
found myself in the midst of a stormy effort to develop competing
proposals for this potential Center, and frustrated by the inability of
most participants to understand the core issues that should be at the
heart of any such effort. I shared my frustration with Penny Zibula,
who I had only come recently to know. It was out of these talks that
the germ of an idea for this paper was born. It was originally a
letter to David Ross, expressing our feelings and thoughts about what
passes for rehabilitation research in America. It has evolved and
matured in the time since. Yet, the basic paper has not changed, so I
invite readers to share this effort, and offer comment, should any
choose to do so. continue reading »

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Disability Experience

The Participants’ Description Of The Personal Adjustment Process To
The Disability Experience – A Summary

Copyright 1992, 1995, 2005
By: Gary W. Kelly

This research describes the process of adjustment to a disability as
persons having disabilities – the participants – view it.  The
descriptions differ from those in the literature, which are written
by observers.

A total of 40 adults, 22 women and 18 men, with disabilities, all
living in Hawaii, constituted the sample for this research. continue reading »

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